Bring emotional storytelling into your business as if your future success depended on it... because it does. 

Want to get the desired response from the public? The right VC attention? To shift the attention from greenwashing, damaging brands to yours?

Fact & figures aren't going to cut it. Learn how to bring emotion & story into your messaging in this FREE masterclass - The Corporate Roadmap to More Emotional Marketing

Whats Inside

  • Why Sharing the Facts and Figures About Your Green Company is The Worst Way to Build Trust from the general public (and what to do instead)

  • A Simple 6-Step Framework You Can Use to Develop a COMPLETE Company Story Within 1 Hour (stories sell - this is great for attracting funding!)

  • How The Right Story Can Turn Your Company into a Recognized Green Brand, Even if No One Currently Knows Who You Are

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Our Story

IMPACT's founders had 2 "dream" jobs: 

High-end Fashion Designer and Commercial Pilot.

However, they also had 2 realizations of, 

"ah f**k, this isn't it"

Witnessing firsthand the lack of sustainability of the fashion and aviation sectors, a toxicity that not only ran through the waters from fast-fashion dyes, but also ran through the culture and environments these industries operated in, the only thing on their mind was,

"surely there's a better way."

They witnessed firsthand the waste and destructive power of 2 large industries.

IMPACT. was born from this question

In studying the science of storytelling and having a deep understand of how narrative influences that which we humans subscribe to, they saw storytelling as the solution to the problems we faced in the world today. 

New technology and solutions die if people don't align with them.

A new narrative

So, seeing that most purpose-driven brands weren't stepping up to the mark in regard to story-based marketing, IMPACT. was born to be the guide. To help them truly change the narrative in their respective industry, and subsequently, the world.