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2-Day Strategy Workshop:

How Green Tech Companies are Getting More Funding & Generating More Awareness Through Brand Storytelling

Dear Green Business builder,

We see the same things cropping up time and time again within the green tech sector...

Leaders focusing too hard on being saving the planet and less on developing a great business strategy.

Losing out to greenwashing & damaging companies.

Not knowing whether you'll get more opportunities to raise capital.

We get it, you want to make a dent in the marketplace and world.

And ensure you do so without blowing all of your funding.

The clock is ticking.

In this 2-Day Workshop, we'll create with you a tailor-made roadmap on how to leverage story-based strategy in your business to ensure every decision you make is in-line with your target audience.

To delight them.

And inspire them to action.

Why did we offer this? Well both our co-founders came from 2 toxic industries. Fashion and Aviation.

They saw a massive lack of emotion in the corporate sector.

And saw Green Companies making all the same mistakes. Great mission, no heart.

So, they set out to create ACTUAL business-focused solutions for companies wanting to change the world.

To help empower leaders implement story and emotion into their business, because the success of their business, and the future of the planet, depends on it.

What are you waiting for?

We only taking on 3 Green Tech companies for this level of service.

You don't know how to shine a light on your company's uniqueness

You're fed up with greenwashing companies stealing the limelight and don't know how to beat them

You don't know the best way to ensure people see your purpose-driven work

Your About Page statement might sound something like this, "Working for a greener planet", "Solar powering a green future". Great, we love those goals, but your messaging isn't going to resonate with people if it's 100% the same as every other green company.

You must be frustrated to see people continually supporting the damaging industries instead of yours and not knowing how to shift it faster. The world needs your company to step up and communicate its mission in a way that resonates and inspires people to take action.

Your biggest challenge may be growing enough visibility for newer, green sources. So you try 10 things at once and move one inch in ten directions. You're overwhelmed. You feel ineffective. You're stuck. Time is running out.

Tick tock...

Introducing "Greenprint"

Implement a tailor-made strategy used by top purpose-driven companies across the world.

The secrets of the top 1%

How to define what makes your brand different and worth noticing like a top 1% purpose-driven brand (Hint! Just focus on this one thing and ignore the rest)

The proven growth method

How to leverage a custom UX strategy that delights and inspires your audience using just three focus points to speed up the mass-adoption rate

The game-changing resource

How to achieve unparalleled transformational outcomes through the implementation of this game-changing resource with your leadership and workforce, distinguishing your company from 99% of competitors.

The same precise frameworks we utilize with our full agency clients to ensure that we focus on the critical action steps that will have the most impact on their objectives... plus much, much more.

Our exact system

The sustainable revolution will succeed through authentic storytelling.

What Our Purpose-Driven Clients Say About Us

But... this solution isn't for everyone. It's for companies that are ready to do what it takes to make a difference in the world.

  • Companies that want an effective strategy to combat greenwashers.
  • Companies that are tired of sounding the same as their competitors.
  • Perfect if you're fed up with the classic cookie-cutter approach from most agencies.

If that sounds like you, then the 2-Day Accelerator is the perfect solution. It includes...

"Greenprint", the In-Person, 2-Day Strategy Workshop

How to break through the greenwashing barrier and bring awareness to your unique focus that will save the planet. Includes:

  1. Brand Markers - Distinctive Qualities that Make Your Brand Stand Out 
  2. Consumer Architypes - Understanding the Minds and Hearts of Your Buyers 
  3. Business Sustainability Alignment - Breakdown of Key Business Drivers to Achieve Your Vision and Mission 
  4. Innovation Outline - A Blueprint for Innovative Ideas and Designs 
  5. Decision Maker Calibration - All Key Leaders Contribute


The Sustainable Storyteller Package

We'll help you identify and craft your company's 3 cornerstone stories to standout from all of your competitors and fast-track mass-adoption of your green technology. Includes:

  1. The #1 story you need to tell to get more investment funding
  2. Communication of your vision in a tangible way
  3. The most effective way to create support and excitement from the public
  4. The best way to counter objections in your marketplace through story


"StoryLab" Incubator

The unbeatable content creation and messaging system to ensure you can develop, nurture and never run out of winning content ideas to blow those greenwashing companies out of the water.


The Integration Accelerator 

Tailored support for 6 weeks to ensure you're maximizing the strategies from the Greenprint Workshop and getting rapid results. Includes:

  1. 6x 30-minute calls with a lead strategist (1 per week)
  2. Unlimited emails for feedback


Plus, if you book a call today via this offer page, you'll also gain access to this exclusive bonus worth $3500



The "Are We Out of Our Mind?" Guarantee

If at any time you're not 100% delighted with the level of service you're receiving from us, you can request a refund for the 2-Day Workshop

Do you think we'd still be in business if we gave a crazy guarantee like that and weren't good at what we did?

Now, we're not guaranteeing you're going to beat the greenwashing companies overnight because we're not launching the strategies for you, but we are guaranteeing that you will get the level of value and service to support you. 

If you don't feel like we gave you that level of service, we'll write you a check the day you tell us we suck. 

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Boulder, CO


Our Story

IMPACT's founders had 2 "dream" jobs: 

High-end Fashion Designer and Commercial Pilot.

However, they also had 2 realizations of, 

"ah f**k, this isn't it"

Witnessing firsthand the lack of sustainability of the fashion and aviation sectors, a toxicity that not only ran through the waters from fast-fashion dyes, but also ran through the culture and environments these industries operated in, the only thing on their mind was,

"surely there's a better way."

The wasteful and destructive power of 2 large industries.

IMPACT. was born from this question

In studying the science of storytelling and having a deep understand of how narrative influences that which we humans subscribe to, they saw storytelling as the solution to the problems we faced in the world today. 

New technology and solutions die if people don't align with them.

A new narrative

So, seeing that most purpose-driven brands weren't stepping up to the mark in regard to story-based marketing, IMPACT. was created to be the guide. To help them truly change the narrative in their respective industry, and subsequently, the world.


See what we're all about

Bill McDonald

Phoenix Haus

It’s hard to not use their name when referring to feelings we get after completing the 2-Day Strategy. It’s a resounding “we’re going to make a massive impact.”

Claudia Nanino


It’s been incredible to reflect back on the 2-Day Strategy now and see how valuable and directional it was. I’m so grateful!" 

Fiji Gross

Central Line

After 2 highly-focused days with IMPACT, I can safely say that every sustainable company needs to do this workshop. Blown away!

Franziska Schrednitzki

Biehler Cycling

We were immediately impressed with how quickly IMPACT was able to empathize with our company and develop goal-oriented strategies. They highlighted the ideals that set us apart.




Qualifying Call

We don't work with everyone. We want to make sure we're a great fit to ensure maximum success.


Deep-dive for 2 days in-person to create and understand how to leverage the power of a tailor-made strategy.

Implement the tested process using the tools and systems we've uncovered during the workshop.


Click To See If You Qualify For This MethodClick To See If You Qualify For This MethodClick To See If You Qualify For This Method

Narrative Mastery for Leadership Excellence

You will receive an extra day's training in implementing the discoveries during the strategy session, learning how to communicate everything effectively, and running through role play scenarios to ensure that you're not just left stranded.

This is crucial for ensuring you hit the ground running post-workshop, and is facilitated by our senior copywriter and storyteller, Saurabh, who is also a master communicator on-stage as a standup comedian!